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Ultimate Guidelines for Selecting a Perfect Formative Assessment Tool for Your Classroom

In case you have used digital formative assessment tool in the past, you are aware that they offer a meaningful way of assessing the understanding of students. Starting from online questions to message boards, it is possible for you to add a lot in your classroom using formative assessment, thus, letting you to do the monitoring of your student development in a way that is more interactive. The significant of formative assessment is to help in the identification of areas that students are not only excelling, but also struggling to help teachers to alter their instruction excellently to meet the requirements of all their students.

It is usually a task that is tough to pick out a perfect formative assessment tool. This is because, there are various aspects that have the capability to define what will work best for your classroom. Below is a discussion regarding the essential aspects to contemplate when choosing the best formative assessment tool.

First, consider to determine your end goal. After you have determined your end goal; it becomes easier for you to work backward to make the identification of the most effective formative assessment tool.

You are also encouraged to take a review on technology for you to find the best formative tool meant for assessing your classroom. There are some formative assessment tools that need every student to have an electronic device while others can just be used with a single phone or computer. You, therefore, need to take an audit of your classroom so as to determine what tools are already available. As you commit formative assessment, you will at the same time find out what kind of help you will find from these tools.

You are also advised to be aware of the data that you need in order for you to pick the best formative assessment tool for your classroom. There are various assessment tools that produce different data. It is advisable first of all to know if either quantitative or qualitative information is what you need for your class. It is also advisable that you be aware if you want a students in groups based on the results of the assessment or individual students who need your assistance. You will have an easy time choosing the most appropriate tool for your classroom by being aware of the data you require. Again, it is advisable that you integrate formative assessment tools into your classroom for you to make the right choice.

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